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Videos and Tutorials Released- PolicyStat

Hi, customers! We know you have questions from time to time, so were bringing the answers closer to you and your users with an improved support website! Weve added 18+ new videos and how-tos, and weve opened access to all PolicyStat users. Heres what you can expect from the new format:

  • Searchable, easy-to-access forums
  • Fast addition of new topics to address support tickets
  • Step-by-step help guides with 18 new how-to videos
  • A policy clearing house where users can share policies with each other
  • User-submittable feature requests and FAQs
  • Resources for site administrators

Easy searching

The new search bar makes it really easy for you to find the answer to your specific question. Forum topics have been reorganized to help you find what you need more easily, but sometimes its just easier to use the search bar!

New topic notifications

You can subscribe to any of the forums by clicking subscribe at the top right of the forum. This means you will be sent an email any time a new topic is posted in that particular forum.

Customer feedback

Wed love to hear from you about our new support format! It can be as simple as clicking the little Me too! button, or just comment on the topic to let us know how we can improve!

How it works:

You can still do everything youre used to, like submitting tickets. But when you get to the support site, youll notice there are categories, forums and topics. Categories and forums will remain the same, but new topics will be added all the time!

We will either add topics based on your support tickets, or you can submit your own topics in one of the three user forums:

  1. FAQs
  2. Feature Requests
  3. Policy Clearing House

We hope you find the new support format helpful. And remember, if you have any suggestions, requests or feedback, just let us know! Submit a support ticket, email , or just comment on one of the topics!

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