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Timeline by PolicyStat Just Launched!

It’s here: the PolicyStat Timeline! And no, it’s not like the Facebook timeline. We won’t force you to upload a huge horizontal picture. Our new timeline is a bit more useful than that. Here’s why.

Modern versioning and archiving for policies

Remember the days when you had to remember to turn “track changes” on before emailing a policy or procedure to a coworker? Then the coworker would make his or her changes and email it back, calling it “Version2” or “V2” or “final-final-version.doc?”

If your hospital uses PolicyStat, you know those days are over – versioning and archiving is now automated, and you can easily see how a document changed from version to version. But did you know that it gets even better?

We’re launching a new feature, called the Timeline, that allows you to see the all historical changes ever made to a policy… in a SINGLE VIEW. Instead of searching for a previously archived version of a policy, you simply pan to the left to see past versions and pan to the right for the latest and greatest.

It’s visual. It’s interactive. It’s the Timeline.

With the new timeline, you can essentially just “drag-and-drop” the date range and get a snapshot of what the policy looked like in a certain time period, and you can even see who made which changes. Green for additions, red for deletions. It’s that simple. Versioning and Archiving Timeline

The Timeline is just another feature that allows you to stay on top of risk and compliance in your hospital.

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