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Manage Gross-to-Net Revenue Recognition

The GTN Revenue Suite is designed to help you manage your Gross to Net closing process. This system consists of three modules that are designed to calculate Accrual Reserve and Gross to Net figures for your End of Month Close.

GTN Historical is our Front-End solution that uses sales and payment history to calculate an Accrual Reserve for your EOM Close. It contains a “Calculator” that generates an Accrual Rate Percentage from sales and payment history that is used to estimate an accrual reserve for the month you wish to close.

GTN Channel Inventory uses wholesaler inventory “Pipeline” data to determine an accrual reserve figure based on units available at your customer’s location. This Back-End solution also calculates an internal and external “Lag” accrual for un-submitted / unprocessed inventory.

GTN Forecasting provides a “Future” unit and revenue forecast based on contract and wholesaler pricing, historical volume, and user definable increases/decreases in both prices and volumes. This module also calculates projected accruals over the forecast period which are netted against forecasted revenue. Each of these modules can be used independently or together allowing the user to calculate, view and select accrual reserve figures from each module for your Month End Close.

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