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Taking a Proactive Approach to Managing IT Policies

Wesley Ng-A-Fook, Project Portfolio Director at Barry University, discusses the policy management challenges they faced and what led Barry University to implement PolicyStat. View the webinar to learn how you can take control of your institution’s policies.

10 Must-Have Features to look for in a Contract Management Solution 

Have you been put in charge of finding a new contract management solution for your organization? Tired of managing hard copies of your organization’s contracts? 

Whether you’ve been tasked to do the job or have taken it upon yourself to improve processes, one thing is for certain: picking the right option is riding on your shoulders.  Finding the right fit in a sea of possible solutions may seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be.  

10 Must-Have Features to look for in a Policy Management Solution 

Have you been put in charge of finding a new policy management solution for your organization? Tired of managing multiple binders for your organization’s policies and procedures? 

Whether you’ve been tasked to do the job or have taken it upon yourself to improve processes, one thing is for certain: picking the right option is riding on your shoulders.  Finding the right fit in a sea of possible solutions may seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be.  

Electronic Signature Integration 

How can electronic signature integration expedite your contracting process?  Join Kari Scott, Account Executive at DocuSign, as she provides an overview of how organizations are benefiting from integrating DocuSign into their process.

Denise Sciulli, Assistant to the Vice President, will discuss how Duquesne University has integrated DocuSign with Universal Contract Manager to exchange documents and facilitate distribution and signing of contracts.

Utilizing Workflow to Streamline the Contract Process 

Managing contracts in a higher education environment presents a unique set of challenges.  Gaea Holt, Senior Buyer of Procurement Services at the University of North Florida, discusses how the university is tackling those challenges with Universal Contract Manager (UCM).  UNF is utilizing UCM as the ultimate workflow solution to streamline the their contract process.

Case Study: SMCCCD Implements UCM

Roxanne Brewer, Executive Assistant to the Executive Vice Chancellor at San Mateo County Community College District (SMCCCD), discusses the contract management challenges they faced and what led SMCCCD to implement iContracts’ Universal Contract Manager (UCM). View the webinar to learn how you can take control of your institution’s contracts with UCM.

New Study: Accreditation and Public Quality Ratings Go Hand-in-Hand

Achieving accreditation at your healthcare organization is so much more than an opportunity to add a credential to your website. It’s a chance to improve care, boost employee morale, and ensure patient satisfaction. 

Download this guide to learn about a recent Joint Commission study that shows how accreditation goes hand-in-hand with public quality ratings.


One Hospital’s Journey to Policy Management Software

It’s easier to wrap your mind around a solution to your document management problem when you hear from an organization that has already made the switch from paper policies to policy management software. Jean Sandrock, BSN, RN, and RN Accreditation Specialist at St. Luke’s Hospital out of Maumee, Ohio, will lead us through her journey to better policy management.

Click to hear how you can take control of your organization’s documents with policy management software.

How to Succeed in Your Next Joint Commission Survey Webinar

If you are responsible for any part of your organization’s Joint Commission accreditation procedure, you understand how chaotic participation in it can feel, but while the process can be stressful, the rewards of achieving accreditation are great. With accreditation, you’ll attract a better quality of staff and reduce risks for your organization.
Learn how to succeed with your next survey. Watch the free webinar today.

How to Get to High Reliability

The goal to do no harm may seem lofty considering the state of US healthcare, but it may also be the only way to make significant strides in patient quality and safety. Download this guide to learn the principles of High Reliability Organizations (HROs) and how they can be used in the healthcare setting.

Recruit, Train and Retain A New Generation of Nurses

High turnover and retiring Baby Boomers are creating an even greater need for more nurses in the workforce. Healthcare organizations must move from the mentality of wanting to the mindset of needing millennials to fill the gaps. Find out how to recruit, train and retain millennial nurses in this new guide.

This is How Professionals Protect Their Accounts Online Webinar

Does your organization keep sensitive, necessary data online? Most do, but not all know what they need to do to keep it secure – and many may not understand what it even means to be secure.
Access this free webinar to learn strategies you can use to protect your logins and make sure that the information you pull up in your browser is safe.

3 Tips to a Successful Falls Prevention Program

According to The Joint Commission, hundreds of thousands of patients fall in hospitals each year, with 30 to 50 percent of those falls resulting in injury. Don’t let slips, trips and falls cost you. Download the guide today.


Approaching Conflict with Confidence

When left unresolved, conflict between staff and team members can be hazardous to your patients’ health. Download “Approaching Conflict with Confidence” to learn a variety of approaches to help you confidently handle conflict.


Writing Policy and Procedure Documents Right Webinar

Are your organization’s policy and procedure documents hard to read?

While some content may be pre-determined by regulatory standards, your policy writers can follow general best practices and structure to make those documents more effective and easier to read, especially online.

View the free webinar to learn how to write easier-to-read, more effective policy and procedure documents.

4 Reasons to Get MACRA-Ready Now

50% of physicians have never heard of MACRA. In this guide, we provide an overview of MACRA in 2017 along with four reasons to get ready for the transition.




6 Steps to Stay Inspection-Ready Webinar

Does your stress level hit an all-time high when you know an inspection is coming due? Putting a system in place to maintain inspection readiness at all times is a great way to not only improve your mental health, but also to improve your survey outcomes.

View the webinar to learn the six steps to stay inspection-ready.

5 Essential Tips to a Successful Joint Commission Survey

Joint Commission accreditation gives you a competitive edge, but surveys throughout the process can cause stress in the best organizations. In this guide, we highlight five essential tips to help your next survey be successful.



Return On Investment Calculator

What is policy and procedure management costing your facility? Use our online ROI calculator to find out how much time and money go into your “free” policy management system.



How Digital Policy Management Can Make Compliance a Competitive Advantage

Does your organization approach surveys with stress and confusion? Maybe it is time to start thinking differently about compliance. This e-book covers everything from common survey mistakes to how potential patients are selecting healthcare providers.

Policy on Policies Webinar

Do all of your policies follow one format? Can your staff quickly and efficiently find vital information in your policies? Having a Policy on Policies will help you through your next survey. Accrediting bodies are looking for consistent policy implementation and execution.

If you are responsible for managing or approving policies in your organization, view this master class on building a Policy on Policies with Nita Bowers, PhD.

Applying Digital Policy and Procedure Management Into Your Integrated Care Network

Managing policies and procedures across multiple locations can be a difficult task. Going digital ensures that everyone can see the most up-to-date and compliant policies. This guide walks you through the processes necessary to keep a multi-facility organization’s policies compliant.

4 Key Elements to Successfully Implement Policy and Procedure Management Software

Making changes to policy and procedure management affects all departments in an organization. In this guide, we walk through the four crucial elements to making changes as painless as possible. Use this guide to streamline your implementation and get increased organizational buy-in.

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