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A full range of Managed Services offerings

iContracts provides a full range of Managed Services for our clients that are interested in having a knowledgeable partner manage, process, and execute their contract and compliance activities and functions. Our Managed Services include:

Chargeback Processing
This includes processing the EDI transactions from your wholesalers and sending back the chargeback adjudication confirmation. In addition, iContracts will validate all of the claims through our automated system and send back issues and errors to the wholesalers. After chargebacks are processed, the appropriate credits are generated and sent to your accounting system.

Commercial and Managed Care Rebates
iContracts can manage all of your rebate programs that you have with your GPOs, wholesalers, Chains and Managed Care Entities. This includes calculating the rebates based off of sales data and also validating and calculating rebates based on script utilization.

Government Compliance and Medicaid Rebates
iContracts will perform all of your monthly, quarterly and annual government calculations including AMP, PHS, ASP, BP, and NFAMP. This includes utilizing our completely automated contracting system to calculate, submit and create the appropriate audit history for assuring compliance. iContracts will also process all of your state quarterly rebates including any supplemental or SPAP agreements.

Medicare GAP Processing
iContracts will load, process, and validate the summary and detail invoice files on a quarterly basis. We will also generate the ACH files for payment as well as the payment confirmation files.

For clients participating in iContracts Managed Services offering, clients will have access to our complete reporting and analytics tool. This enables our clients to have full visibility into their data and assures that they have the necessary information to make critical strategic business decisions.

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