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Faster, easier and less expensive

Contract management is complex, cumbersome and exhausting – unless you have solutions from iContracts.

contract management solutions

Contract and Compliance management solutions from iContracts are faster, easier and far less expensive. Our solutions can be easily implemented and deliver an unrivaled return on investment.

iContracts comprehensive suite of fully integrated solutions manages all aspects of every contract’s lifecycle, including housing all contract information in a central repository, price management, elimination of revenue leakage, contract optimization, and compliance with myriad government requirements such as Medicaid rebate processing, government pricing calculation and reporting to name a few. iContract’s focus on providing the best solutions with deep knowledge, experience, and superior cloud based solutions is reflected in everything we do as a company.

Anchored by pioneers in the development of contract management systems, iContracts seasoned development team, highly experienced sales and marketing team, committed customer support, and second to none professional services staff are committed to providing the greatest value and benefit to our customers.

iContracts is an RLDatix company.  For more information, please visit

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