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Join the iContracts Revolution

Every day your organization waits to contact iContracts…

Existing contracts renew even if you don’t want them to.
“Rollover terms” become effective even if they severely impact your financial performance.
The risk of audit increases and you can’t respond.
No one is responsible for insuring contract effectiveness.
Key business terms contained in the contract are inaccessible.
Performance cannot be tracked.

Let us deliver your organization a leading contract management solution

  • Ease of Use – With a simplified, web-based common user interface, everyone is an expert after learning two basic views
  • Streamlined Processing – With task automation logic, activities can be accomplished faster than ever
  • Completely Web Based Software
    contract management solutions– Deployed as Software as a Service (SaaS) or behind client’s firewall
    – Minimal system maintenance and support
  • Fast Return on Investment – Just a fraction of the cost of more complex and cumbersome contract management solutions
    – Typically live in 60 – 90 days
  • Enterprise Class – Utilizing industry standard technology and infrastructure from Microsoft and Oracle, the iContracts’ solutions are highly efficient and reliable

Infinitely Flexible. Infinitely Secure.

secure and flexible– Control Access and Permissions:

  • User Level
  • Folder and Sub-Folder Level
  • Contract Level
  • Field Level
  • Document Level

– Define Required Activities by Stage
– Archived Contracts Still Accessible On Demand

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