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Valued Customers
Leading organizations trust iContracts solutions to manage contracts, policies, and the revenue cycle.
What Our Customers Are Saying...

“As we evaluated options for effectively managing our compliance and revenue management processes, it became clear that iContracts offered not only the best solution, but a robust platform to support future growth.” – CFO for ANI Pharmaceuticals

“We are very confident in our decision to utilize the iContracts suite of solutions. We look forward to implementing the software to enhance our customer experience and provide additional efficiency to Aurobindo USA.” – CEO

“The iContracts fully integrated suite of solutions, powerful process automation and rapid implementation capability were important factors in our decision. We look forward to working with iContracts on this important project and expect to begin realizing substantial benefits quickly.”- Director of Commercial and Business Analytics

“iContracts thorough understanding of our unique requirements, track record of success, high degree of automation, and ability to implement quickly were key factors in our decision.” – Manager, Customer Service

“After a thorough review of alternatives, iContracts Universal Contract Manager surpassed all others with its full range of functionality, extreme ease of use, and high degree of automation.” – Director of Materials Management

We are thrilled to have such a highly automated and easy to use solution in place to help manage Medicaid and Government Pricing processes that continue to expand and increase in complexity.” – Manager, Finance & Operations

“iContracts was the obvious choice for Rising based on our need for powerful solutions that not only meet our needs today, but scale rapidly and automate processes without the large investment in internal and external resources associated with alternative solutions. We look forward to progressing rapidly through implementation with the assistance of the iContracts professional services group and fully expect to begin realizing substantial benefits quickly.”- Controller

“Our review of alternatives led us to the clear conclusion that iContracts offered not only the best solution, but a superior model for rapid adoption and ongoing support for our business.”

“iContracts has certainly changed the playing field for pharmaceutical manufacturers looking for solutions to manage critical chargeback, rebate, Medicaid, and Government Pricing processes. They have managed to turn a process that for many companies is an expensive administrative and implementation quagmire into a highly automated, short time-to-benefit platform and solution that is truly unique. We look forward to working with iContracts on this important project and to a long and fruitful relationship for many years to come.” – Chief Executive Officer

“iContracts Universal Contract Manager will enable HNE to streamline and simplify our entire contract management lifecycle for all contract types throughout our organization.  UCM delivers the ideal blend of security and flexibility for any organization that deals with a high volume of contracts and ever changing requirements.” – Manager of Provider Contracts

“The primary goal of Tennessee Health Management was to find a flexible, easy-to-use solution that would effectively manage all contracts and contract types while providing granular permission based access at the field and document levels throughout the organization. UCM’s unique ability to streamline and organize contract visibility across the enterprise is sure to transform the way we manage each contract’s lifecycle. Tennessee Health Management looks forward to working with iContracts on this critical project, and further expanding our relationship in the future.”- Associate General Counsel

“The iContracts contract management system has streamlined our entire contract process from contract originator through authorized signer, making the whole process much more efficient. Because the entire process is online/electronic, hard copies of contracts are no longer passed from one office to another; they are electronically routed through the system according to the workflow that we set up.” – Assistant to Vice President

“The switch to iContracts was a fantastic experience, matched only by our experiences since. It is a great product for keeping our contracts organized and compliant. It’s easy for our users to use and for our system administrators to customize for our specific needs. Customer Service has been beyond exceptional walking us through our learning process and helping us come up with solutions to our individualized issues. We find new ways to utilize iContracts all the time, which means we keep finding more bang for our buck with this product. I whole-heartedly recommend iContracts.” – Medical Staff Coordinator

“I have nothing but high praise for the iContracts’ tool and the team at iContracts.  We utilize iContracts for: Rebate Payer, Chargeback payer, Contract Core, Government Pricing, Reporting & Analytics and Medicaid Payer.  I am in the iContracts tool everyday – primarily in Rebate payer, Chargeback payer and Reporting & Analytics.  Though the software is very helpful, I often run into questions and the iContracts’ team is top of industry on responsiveness and ability.

We have a tremendous amount of confidence in the tool and the team.  In this environment, it is critical to ensure one’s government pricing is correct and the data being mined is accurate.  We are very pleased and confident in the team and the integrity of the data.  We rely on iContracts to support all our government pricing, rebate adjudication and chargeback data (into SAP).  We are very satisfied in all iContracts’ product offerings.” – Director, Sales Operations

“Our selection of iContracts as our Government Pricing/Medicaid Rebate Payer was based on multiple factors. First, the implementation timeline was much shorter than other providers and this was very important to us. Second, navigating the software was more intuitive and user-friendly than other software I had used in the past and comparable to next generation versions of more expensive offerings. Third, since go-live, we have had terrific support and service. As a matter of fact, yesterday we inquired about a class of trade report to identify customers that changed their CoT. Lo and behold, it was developed and delivered to us today. An excellent tool for audits. Fourth, since implementation, we have done 3 acquisitions that added 5 new labeler codes to our product portfolio. Adding them is very straightforward and painless. Lastly, the all important cost factor. We just could not afford spending hundreds of thousands of dollars(maybe in excess of a million) for this solution. The iContracts product is very cost-effective, even as we have added additional modules (Part D) and grown as a company. Overall, we are very pleased with this product. It does what we need without much “geek-speak” required to operate without breaking the bank.” – Director, Government Reporting & Compliance

“Using the UCM iContracts software has greatly benefited our community college in a big way by streamlining contractual procedures and database management. After implementing major changes across three colleges and the District office, staff members can easily find contracts and all the back-up materials that go along with a specific contract. We now have consistent naming conventions, consistent workflows, proper signatures, and the best part–insurance documents are now being properly vetted based on contractual requirements. UCM iContracts is continually on the cutting edge with their software enhancements, which in turn, makes our life easier!” – Executive Assistant to Executive Vice Chancellor

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