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A Buyer's Checklist

10 Must-Have Features to look for in a Policy Management Solution

Have you been put in charge of finding a new policy management solution for your organization? Tired of managing multiple binders for your organization’s policies and procedures? 

If you’re on the hunt for a new policy management solution, you’ll soon be fielding a ton of vendors–all of which will do something the other doesn’t and will most definitely do it better.  When you equip yourself to ask the right questions, you’ll discover that finding “the one” is easier than you had imagined. 

To help get you started, here are the 10 things you should make sure to check off on your search for the best policy management software solution for you:


1. It should be easy to use
Nothing encourages user adoption like a product that has an approachable learning curve. A modern accessible user interface is a must. 

2. It should simplify workload
Going hand in hand with user adoption, having access to a solution that benefits staff by making their job more efficient and productive will always be a clear winner. In this case, ask yourself: can the same data be made accessible to everyone quickly and from anywhere? Can workflows be identified and automated across multiple stakeholders? 

3. It should integrate well with regulatory bodies
At the end of the day, the goal of the policy and procedure solution you’re in search for is to help with ensuring your organization remains compliant. 

4. It should help ensure staff have seen policy communications
It’s not enough to tell staff a new policy is available for them to peruse. The tool you choose should have functionality in which staff can verify that they’ve read and understand the communication.

5. It should test comprehension
Policies can sometimes be complicated, or worse time-starved staff may sometimes simply skim the document, so having tests in place are a great way to ensure they have a solid grasp to ensure compliance.

6. It should help you access information quickly
Time is valuable and having a system that has search engine capabilities that allows you to search and locate the right information–fast–is essential.

7. It should allow workflow collaboration
Policy isn’t a one and done deal, it takes a lot of input from various levels before it can be finalized. Look for a solution that allows for clear communication, with features such as creating teams, document sharing and email notifications.

8. It should allow for version control
It’s inevitable that policies will change, which is why it’s so important to ensure the solution you choose offers version control. This means it will ensure that staff will not only have access to the latest document but also, provide administrators access to previous version in case of audit. 

9. It should have reporting capabilities
In the age of big data, you should ensure the solution you choose offer you options to create robust reports, easily and in real-time.

10. It should offer controlled access
To ensure staff don’t get their hands on the wrong document, the solution you choose should offer a level of flexibility to determine who can read or edit documents. 

Don’t stress about your next policy and procedure management solution. To learn more about PolicyStat, book a demonstration or preview an upcoming webinar.  


To learn more about how PolicyStat can help your organization manage your policy and procedures, schedule a free product demo or register for an upcoming webinar

About PolicyStat

PolicyStat provides a google-like search engine to find, edit, and renew policies and procedures. It allows you to create approval workflows and automations, saving you time and keeping everyone involved up to date on the policy’s status. You will be able to assign acknowledgements and permissions, add collaborators, create approval workflows, and apply specific policies to an applicability group. 

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