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Training Systems Developed for Customers

A frequent request from PolicyStat clients especially as they are first building their library of policies and procedures is to have a test environment within which to work. I’m a hands-on person myself, so I am normally inclined to try it first and clean up the mess afterwards! PolicyStat has created a ”sandbox” for our developers to test product enhancements and for our client services team to build training systems. This test system is a great resource that should be shared with our clients as well for their own testing and training.

More than just a shell

This training site, or sandbox, does not just have the functionality of the PolicyStat system it also contains a complete copy of the client database taken as a snapshot from a few days or weeks before. This allows customers to test or perform any function available in the live system using their own policies or procedures, but without fear of causing any damage to them.

No extra cost

At present, there is no additional cost for use of this test system.

Easy to set up

We will provide access to this system to any client they only need to send an email to or log in to our support site at with that request.

Start playing now!

The sandbox can be a valuable resource for site administrators, regular author/approvers or trainers within an organization; but before you start playing in the sandbox, here are a few caveats:

  • Site is recreated every few weeks this means changes will be overwritten at that time.
  • No current published schedule on downtime we try to make it available 24×7, however, because it is a test system, it will occasionally be unavailable.
  • Links are active, however, no attachments are loaded into this snapshot. If you wish to test attachments, you should plan to attach or re-attach any of those files to the appropriate policy on training.

To get started now or learn more about the sandbox, please contact PolicyStat customer support at

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