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Automatic Approval Routing Holds Great Value

If you are the person in charge of finding the best policy management software, then you probably already know the value of automatic approval routing. Different people review and make edits to each policy or procedure, and the last thing you want is to manually route the policy to each person via email. Implementing policy management software with automatic approval routing (or approval workflows) improves both efficiency and staff productivity.

  • Automatic routing replaces the task of emailing multiple versions back and forth
  • Pre-defined workflows takes the guesswork out of who belongs in each committee
  • Automated email notifications eases the burden of reminding others
Automatic Routing

How Automatic Approval Routing Works:

  1. An author or editor makes changes to (or creates) a policy or procedure draft.
  2. That author or editor “pends” the draft for approval.
  3. The draft is automatically routed to each approver.
  4. The last approver approves the policy, making it active.*
  5. The automatic approval flow process starts over when the policy or procedure expires or when an author determines that a change is necessary.

*NOTE: If any changes are made to the policy during the approval process, each approver has the opportunity to view and approve those changes so that every person in the approval flow approves the “final” version.

Save time and money by choosing software that has sufficient automation so you aren’t back to square one sending emails back and forth. Implementing policy management software is a big step, so take the time in choosing one that provides real, measurable value for your organization.

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