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The search for a cure for physician burnout

A day in the life of a physician includes an incredible array of tasks: Patient-focused duties such as regularly scheduled patient visits, emergency patient visits and follow-ups Documentation chores such as recording visits, writing up notes and writing prescription refill…

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PolicyStat: The Company and the Product

What exactly IS PolicyStat? Here’s a fun little tag cloud (created in Tagul) to illustrate everything that makes up PolicyStat’s cloud-based software. Hover over each word to see it in more detail. To see the tag cloud full-screen, right-click and…

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Squarespace a Favorite for PolicyStat

We were using GoDaddy as our website host when I first started working in the marketing department here at PolicyStat. If you’re familiar with GoDaddy, you understand why it wasn’t long before we were tired of the disorganized, non-user-friendly hosting…

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