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Becoming a leader in the lab

Laboratory managers are often promoted to their position from technical staff. You might be a brilliant scientist, outstanding at analyzing data, excellent at writing papers and ahead of your time at directing experiments, but this doesn’t guarantee you currently have…

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Workplace Violence: What Can Be Done?

When a disgruntled employee commits violence in the workplace, it garners a lot of attention in the media. Meanwhile, 91 percent of violence against healthcare employees in the workplace is committed by patients and visitors, and it doesn’t make the news. In this post, we discuss why workplace assault by patients and visitors is often overlooked and what can be done about it.

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3 Tips to a Generationally Balanced Workforce

With increasing healthcare worker shortages and increased patient demand, healthcare organizations are forced to seek ways to recruit young workers while retaining their older counterparts. Being the newcomers to the industry, Millennials are often expected to conform to “the way…

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