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Release Unveils New Features for Policy Management

Last night we successfully updated PolicyStat with a shiny new version. Some of the high notes in this release include:

Managers can now restrict the visibility of certain policies that only specific users can view them. I’ll be writing up a bit more about this feature a little later, but the gist is that you can now, for example, restrict certain sensitive HR policies from being viewable by general staff members. Another nice usage is partitioning off one segment of policies, say your Lab policies, so that only users from the lab see them, which can reduce search clutter for the majority of your staff that doesn’t care about lab policies.

  • Site administrators now have access to Bulk Admin Override, which makes performing sweeping changes a painless endeavor.
  • We optimized the auto-save functionality to allow for better editor performance on long, complicated documents.

All three of these features were prioritized based on direct customer feedback and I’m excited we were able to make it happen. Once again, I think our customers were right on the money with their suggestions on where things could be improved. Thanks for the feedback and as always, if you have any questions/concerns/comments or if you are just wondering how the weather is in Indianapolis, drop us a line.

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