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Bulk Admin Override Expedites Policy Review Abilities

We just made it a whole lot easier to make small changes to a whole bunch of policies. Let me explain.

During the normal course of managing policies, changes are usually made slowly, one policy at a time and with a standardized approval process. Thus far, we’ve put most of our focus around making those kind of changes as smooth as possible with notifications, reporting visibility, automation and ease of use. Occasionally though, you want to change a small detail about a bunch of policies all at once.

Let’s say that yesterday your Director of Nursing, Nancy Nolan, was promoted to another position, which is awesome because you really like Nancy, and Sally Smith is moving in to take her role. This is all great news, except for the fact that Nancy was responsible for around 250 different policies. Uh-Oh.

Nobody wants to pick through 250 documents on the shared drive to replace the author, especially if they were spread around different departments. Luckily, you use PolicyStat, so it’s always been easy to see exactly what policies that Nancy was responsible for. Even considering that though, clicking through even an optimized interface hundreds of times is no fun at all. Enter the new bulk admin override.

In one quick step, you can search for all policies authored by Nancy and change the author to Sally. As you can see, you can also change other fields, perform more complicated searches and select which policies you want to change individually with the check-boxes on the left side.

So now, instead of spending someone’s time searching through documents or even clicking a couple hundreds time, everyone gets to go to Nancy’s going away party.

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