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Active Directory Leads PolicyStat’s Newest Beta

We’ve just finished putting the bow on our newest beta release and I’m excited about what we were able to fit inside. One of our most-requested features for a while has been a spell-checker in the policy editor for our internet explorer users. Now we have one. As a person who leans very heavily on spellchecking tools, I’m very happy to be able to help others avoid embarrassing misspellings and typos in their policies.

For the PolicyStat administrators out there, we’ve also added a late Christmas gift in the form of Active Directory Integration. For customers who currently use Active Directory, you’ll now be able to unify your username/password and email address management. This means that your managers won’t need to remember another password, which means you won’t need to deal with resetting passwords or reminding people of usernames. As a bonus, we’ve also focused hard on keeping the integration burden as light as possible on your IT staff. Integrating Active Directory with PolicyStat takes about the same effort as adding a new VPN user.

Other than those two big things, we have the usual assortment of goodies including better expiration date handling, more visibility in what your permissions are, a customizable “author” label and more.

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