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PolicyStat’s Monthly Company Luncheon

Since joining PolicyStat in May for the 2015 summer I have realized that this small company operates completely different than I had anticipated and the culture here is one of unique status. Steve Ehrlich likes to ensure we celebrate the little things in life and constantly provides opportunities for the employees here to have some fun, enjoy the great weather, and get a break from the long hard work they put in day in and day out. Part of this culture is a monthly company luncheon where we all gather around great catered food from nearby restaurants and just eat, chat, laugh and have fun just after a brief statement from our executive team about how we are doing, what our goals are, and where we are headed as a company for the current and future quarters! This is a great way to talk business in a light social manner, with great food, friends, and fun.

This particular monthly company luncheon took place on Wednesday, July 22nd, 2015 and it was quite unique on its own right. We had the unbelievable pleasure of welcoming a special guest to partake in our festivities, which just happened to be the current Mayor of Carmel, James Brainard. With all of PolicyStat, joined by the Mayor, out overlooking the pond behind our building, Steve gave a wonderful opening talk. He mentioned how PolicyStat is far surpassing its projected sales goals by an outstanding 177%, that we’ve continued to grow since moving to Carmel in 2011, and how wonderful it is to be joined by the man who shaped Carmel into what it is today. He ended his brief speech with a recognition of all the July birthdays within PolicyStat, and with the Mayor, Josh Doane led us into the “Happy Birthday” song.

Mayor Brainard took the floor next recapping his long years in service to Carmel, how it’s changed since he started, and even what he has planned coming up. It was great to hear how passionate he is for this city, the people in it, and the future he envisions for all of us here. He compares what he wants the city to be to the great major cities of Europe and the idea of it astounds me.

Next was time for some food, fun, and friends as we all, including the Mayor, gathered around the picnic tables to feast on the catered Panera Bread Sandwiches. As we enjoyed the food and company many tested each other on the corn hole sets, or the carpet ball table. Even the Mayor was quick to accept a challenge to play carpet ball against Josh, one of our senior sales reps, and the owner of the table. It was great to see everyone out there eating, talking, laughing, and having a great time outside in the beautiful weather away from the desk for a few hours. It was a very relaxing and a fun way to break from the burden of our daily work, and it’s something that PolicyStat emphasizes doing to keep the culture here fun, free flowing, and a fantastic place to work!

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