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PolicyStat’s Blood Drive 2015


Every day in America around 41,000 blood donations are needed, which is approximately 1 every 2 seconds or so, and yet we only have around 9.2 million people donating blood every year.
This is staggeringly low considering around 38% or 120 million people are eligible to donate blood each year, which means that less than 10% are actually contributing to the saving of other American’s lives. With that being said between 15 and 16 million donations are already collected annually in the US from those 9.2 million citizens, with an approximate demand of 15.3 million blood donations needed.  These numbers need to drastically improve in order to save more lives, and still have blood donations left over for more tragic and dire circumstances.We cannot be on the edge of barely having enough donations available for everyday use should some sort of catastrophe take place where many more are needed.


On Monday, June 22nd, 2015 PolicyStat employees felt the desire to give back to the Healthcare industry who has given us so much over the past 8 years. Joe Maddy, an implementation consultant at PolicyStat, arranged with the Indiana Blood Center for one of their mobile blood donation RV’s to be make a stop at our office building. We had an office signup for giving blood, and the majority of the office participated along with many employees of our fellow companies here in the building with us. In the few hours the Indiana Blood Center nurses were here collecting blood donations we had 17 PolicyStat employees graciously donate blood, as well as 7 others from the rest of the building! There are not too many employees in this building so having 24 of those who were here at work that day is a great number! After a day of giving blood the Indiana Blood Center representatives let us know that with our donations we gave enough blood to help 3-4 people, and that is a wonderful thought and quite the decent start to a work week if you ask me!

PolicyStat likes to reach out and give back as much as we can, and this is one of the best ways of doing so because it is so easily done and there is always a need for more blood donations. We revel in the opportunity to do our part in making as much of a difference as we possibly can in this world! We will continue to reach out and give back in the coming years just as fervently as we always have and we will continue leading by example in hopes that others will begin to do the same. Blood is essential to all life on earth and those who are lucky enough to be completely healthy have a duty to help those who are not as fortunate. Why not become the change you wish to see in the world?

If you wish to donate at any time clicking here will help you get started on your way to saving lives!


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