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PolicyStat Turns 10 Years Old!

On October 20, 2016, PolicyStat officially celebrated its tenth birthday. After commemorating the occasion with balloons, banners, and bagels, the nostalgia set in.

As one might expect, the question of the day was: Where were YOU ten years ago?


First, there were the parents:

Our company President (after personally and profusely thanking each and every one of us for our contributions toward reaching this milestone) kicked things off by remarking that ten years ago, his oldest child was a senior in high school.

Several people added their stories to his, commenting on the surreal nature of feeling that their children seemed to grow up in no time at all. Some of the best comments from these PolicyStat moms and dads included:

“I was knee-deep in diapers in ‘Jersey!”

“I was still a carpool mom, and I remember being in the ‘bad mom line’ when we were late for carpool.” (Followed by, “Yes, the ‘bad mom line’ brings back lots of memories!”)


Then there were the youngsters:

Quite a few PolicyStat team members, including our Vice President of Development, were attending college ten years ago.

Some of us were still in high school, and (even more shockingly) some of us were in middle school:

“I was 16 and probably doing something stupid, much like the other 26 years of my life.”

“I was in 7th grade, which is a generally awkward time for a 5’7″, 12-year-old girl.”


We also had the working stiffs:

For our Vice President of Client Services, his recollection of 2006 centered around one thing: a 90-minute commute.

Another team member was working as a line cook and sleeping on a couch at the time, but insisted he “wouldn’t change it for the world.”


And finally, we had the BFFs (those who already knew each other ten years ago):

I already mentioned our President under the “parents” category, but it’s worth noting that ten years ago, he was also working as Vice President of Operations at Autobase (where he met PolicyStat’s current Implementation Manager, the leader of a project management team there).

Two more PolicyStat team members (an admittedly iconic duo) were both working at Oxygen Education at the time, and over the past ten years, they have traversed through their career paths and lives together as coworkers and best friends.


policystat_halloweeOn momentous occasions such as this, it’s nice to pause and reflect on each of our unique journeys that led us to where we are today. But even more so, it reminds us of what ten years of PolicyStat has brought to our clients. Ten years ago, around 750,000 people in over 1,200 organizations didn’t have the PolicyStat system to help them manage their policies and procedures, and now they do. These individuals may have been emailing PDFs, printing Word documents, and trying their best to make sure their policies were up-to-date using confusing, manual systems of editing and approving.

A decade later, those same people have PolicyStat. Their policy management system is streamlined, automatic, and user-friendly. Their lives are easier, updating their policies takes less time, and as a result, their patients are safer. We here at PolicyStat are proud of the ten years we’ve dedicated to helping the healthcare industry (and all of our customers) be more successful and less stressed when it comes to managing their policies and procedures. Saving them time, energy, and stress is the best part of our jobs.

Looking back is satisfying, but I believe everyone here at PolicyStat would agree that it’s even more exciting to look ahead to the future. For the next ten years and beyond, we will be confidently moving forward together, improving everyday, and striving to help our customers and one another be successful.

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