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PolicyStat: A favorite among customers for quality service

Feedback given to our team & why it matters:


“I think it is great that PolicyStat doesn’t overwhelm the user with constant updates. That happened with us when we were using another vendor. It seemed that every week they were ‘upgrading’ their system, however with their upgrades came problems.

Thanks PolicyStat for your hard work!” -Sacred Heart Health System

You are welcome! Since PolicyStat is a true software-as-a-service offering, we are able to push out improvements to our product immediately. This means IT doesn’t have to spend time installing updates, and the end-user experiences tiny incremental updates rather than large jolts of upgrades that can cause problems. Bugs are inherent with any software, but how a company mitigates against them and how quickly the bugs are fixed makes a huge difference. With our setup, we are capitalizing on industry-leading methods to best serve customers.

You may be wondering, how is it different?

The “old” way: When Microsoft Word has a new version, you have to get it then install it on your desktop. Also, perhaps you’ve seen in the bottom right of your computer screen “New Java version is available to download.” These are upgrades and installations that you have to keep up with and maintain. If a bug is in that version,you have to update it again to correct the bug.

The “new” way: A good example would be Google Search or Google Maps. In Google Search, if a better search algorithm is developed, Google rolls that out to users automatically. In Google Maps, if a new neighborhood is built, you don’t have to download the new map, it is automatically updated for you. This means the end-user always has the latest and up-to-date version. If a street happens to be incorrectly labeled, then Google can fix it quickly and everybody else immediately has the correction.

PolicyStat operates in the “new” way, where end-users get the enhancements and upgrades as they happen. This removes an IT burden, while allowing staff to always have the latest version. Based on the quote above, sounds like our customers appreciate and like the setup!


To learn more and see why PolicyStat is so well-received for policy and procedure management, you can request to see a demo. Or, we’d be happy to answer your questions by contacting us.

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