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Document Control atop Surveyor’s Praises of PolicyStat

Customers of PolicyStat have shared:

“we have been surveyed many times, by many different surveyors this year, and all of them have spoken about how wonderful and easy PolicyStat is to use. Everything is retrievable and includes everything that it needs for accreditation purposes. That really saved us in regards to document control for ISO certification.

Thank you very much for all that you do. It is really appreciated!” -Sturgis Hospital

We are glad to help! In the past few years, PolicyStat has been honored to be recognized by so many accrediting bodies as a leading policy and procedure management software tool. We get feedback from inspections by the Joint Commission, DNV, CAP, CLIA, and the ISO certifiers, all citing PolicyStat as making a marked improvement in document control. Since many of these inspectors also see other setups (be it an intranet, SharePoint, or another vendor), we are flattered they are so impressed with PolicyStat’s software that they make a point to pass along the compliment.

For document management software, what sets PolicyStat apart?

We have an unofficial motto that comes from Leonardo da Vinci: “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” From our functionality to our customer support to even our pricing model, we have taken great care in being as user-friendly as possible. Most think of user-friendly as the actual software interface, but the term can be much broader when re-read as “friendly to the user.” To start, some software has bizarre or archaic pricing models that get very complicated, with fees and stipulations that make your head spin. PolicyStat keeps it simple and straightforward, with no hidden or surprise fees. Then, the software itself is easy-to-use and intuitive; that aspect routinely gets high marks. Finally but importantly, the technical and customer support for PolicyStat is also friendly and regularly overachieves, earning over 99% customer satisfaction.

A key difference lies in that not-so-little factor of implementing the system. Because PolicyStat takes such an active role in implementing clients, the burden on facilities during the implementation phase is much lighter. PolicyStat actually imports your documents into the system for you, and you can’t get more “friendly to the user” than that!

Simplicity without sacrificing quality is imperative. At PolicyStat, we have managed to master the skill through all aspects of our offering. The philosophy permeates the company, leading to an organization that understands how to best serve the needs of healthcare. We are glad the surveyors and auditors have noticed the end-result improvements, and our customers know how much effort PolicyStat puts in to help make that possible.

To learn more and see why PolicyStat is so well-received for policy and procedure management, you can request to see a demo. Or, we’d be happy to answer your questions by contacting us.

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