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PolicyStat vs. Sharepoint Policy Management

An IT professional once told me “Sharepoint does a lot of really great things, really badly.” Given what often happens behind-the-scenes at organizations, inspiration was found for this limerick (read like the popular There once was a man from Nantucket …)

In Sharepoint, they’ll build it. They ought to
Save money; they claimed to have thought true.
The project begins,
Then 18 months in,
Their IT just wishes they’d bought new

Healthcare organizations usually seek the latest technology. Ironically, some still opt to embark on a project with the 1+ year old Sharepoint 2013, or even the 3.5+ year old Sharepoint 2010, of course creating a inconsistency between organizational objectives and reality. However, PolicyStat clients are always using the most up-to-date and current version of PolicyStat, since we routinely update and immediately/automatically get them upgraded.

Taking on a Sharepoint project involves IT time and energy to build searching, approval workflows/routing, required readers functionality, training, support, maintenance, and enhancements; this becomes a huge undertaking. When the IT/IS staff moves from theory to practice of what a Sharepoint system involves, they quickly recognize the extra needs and burden attributed to maintaining these policy and procedure documents. Many organizations approach PolicyStat after trying to build and continue supporting a Sharepoint system for policy and procedure management.

We’ve put thousands of development hours into our ready-to-use policy and procedure software, and we do the “heavy lifting” to get you started. To top it off, we provide all the training and support. Unsurprisingly, across our hundreds of clients, IT ends up becoming one of our biggest supporters because we help alleviate their burden. When the final analysis comes in, PolicyStat ends up being more powerful and more cost-effective than a Sharepoint setup.

To learn more about us and see why PolicyStat becomes the answer for policy and procedure management, you can request to see a demo. Or, we’d be happy to answer your questions by contacting us.

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