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Policy Management Post-Implementation Support


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Challenge No. 5: Lack of support beyond the implementation phase

As mentioned in the selection process for a vendor, when researching software solutions, it’s smart to consider how the vendor will continue to support you once your go-live date has come and gone. Chances are, even with the most successful of implementations, end-users will run into some kind of roadblock during daily operations. The resources and service after the sale provided by your software vendor can be the defining factor in your hospital’s ability to realize a solid return on investment after a software implementation. Consider some of the following:

  • Does the software provider have a support department or help desk?
  • Is support the same resource doing both new customer implementation and training, or is the post-implementation support team a separate group?
  • Does support consist of only technical specialists, or do they also have training and facilitation resources available for post-implementation support?
  • Is there ongoing education such as webinars, online product documentation, or new feature training sessions? Are they free and included, or extra?
  • Think about how you would train a new hire on the system or brush up on skills in a certain area. Does your provider offer resources to help you do that?

Designing and customizing your own in-house training resources is critical as well. Frequently asked questions, internal subject matter experts, and other in-house resources can be easily designed to integrate with you unique culture and organization processes.


For the rest of the series, you can review Part 1, Part 2, or Part 3 as well!

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