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Policy Management Implementation


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Challenge No. 3: Inconsistent or inadequate training

Lack of a detailed, comprehensive training methodology can be a major setback for any software implementation project. Organizations must set up a plan that makes sense for the needs and resources and ensure agreed-upon milestones are met along the way. The implementation can stall altogether if clear goals and timelines are not laid out from the beginning. As the project progresses, a careful audit of each milestone will help you confirm that 1) the service provider is supplying all of the products and services specified in the contract, and 2) the internal implementation team is performing as it should. Another important vendor variable is to ensure that as few vendor trainers as possible are interacting with the project lead and staff members in training. This provides for consistency and a deeper knowledge of your business challenges. As implementation progresses, the trainer and the client discuss and modify upcoming milestones to stay on track and address any issues.


Challenge No. 4: Inadequate access

With the new world of mobile devices, a system should be easily accessible and usable on a variety of platforms. In other words, your system cannot be just desktop PC based. Mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones are quickly becoming the access points of choice by both executive and management as well as patient-facing staff members. In the near future, not only will staff want to read policies and procedures on mobile devices, but they will also want to manage your implementation project and participate in the approval workflows. Thinking forward and preparing for this already-happening shift will save significant time and energy in the future.


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