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Customer Support is Top of Clients’ Compliments

PolicyStat was recently asked by a hospital customer within CHI’s KentuckyOne Health: “Is customer support always this good at PolicyStat?” Of course we always try our hardest! PolicyStat wants every client to have a successful implementation, as well as all the post-implementation support needed for questions from staff. From the dedicated team who answers support calls to the regular user-training webinars for our clients to attend for free, PolicyStat understands our success depends on our client’s satisfaction. We are honored to be serving so many in the healthcare industry, and their feedback gives us fuel to continue serving our best.

From a hospital within the health system Providence Health & Services:

“I want to thank your team for their help during the last couple of weeks. Because of regulatory requirements, we have had to revise a few policies multiple times and your staff, especially Customer Support, have been great in helping me accomplish the end result. Thank you.”

From a Critical Access Hospital in Washington:

“By the way, you have an amazing staff/Customer Service. When asked by other facilities what we like the best about PolicyStat, without hesitation I always say “Customer Service!”

Top-notch customer support is incredibly important to the entire PolicyStat organization. We dedicate ourselves to it for this reason: great software and great customer support are the two main ingredients in a great software company. Our commitment to client success after purchase is evidenced by a 99% customer retention rate. We are so humbled to receive feedback from our customers who acknowledge the dedication of the client services team. Thanks to all our customers for the warm reception!


To learn more about us and see why PolicyStat becomes the answer for policy and procedure management, you can request to see a demo. Or, we’d be happy to answer your questions by contacting us.

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