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Searchability Sets PolicyStat’s Policy Management Apart

Ask most hospital administrators today if they have a policy problem and you will get a knowing grin, a warm handshake, and the assurance that, “we could do better, but our system is adequate.” However, move closer to the patient and you might get a different story. All too often I hear from nurses that they know where the policies are, but it just takes too long to find the right one, it takes too long to ensure accuracy, and it takes too long to assimilate. In short, it just takes too long; and, as a result, nurses just “make-do.”

At PolicyStat, we’ve built a great business around an innovative, powerful policy management platform to create, edit, approve, and archive thousands of policies. But we don’t just make your policies available in one location. We make sure that your caregivers can find policies instantly, easily, and efficiently.

Our original premise of being simple, searchable, and reliable for hospitals of all sizes has served us incredibly well. At the same time, market demand and opportunity have prompted us continually improve on our Searchability function. This means constant improvement on search by title, department, owner, and customized keyword. Searchability also means smart-spelling. With PolicyStat, misspellings still yield accurate and relevant results, and PolicyStat does it fast.

At the end of the day, policies are about communication. It makes sense that if you’re going to outline hospital procedure in a policy handbook, you’d want to do so in a way that makes it easy for the readers to assimilate. You would want to do so in a way that makes caregivers want to consult the policy, and not just “make-do.” With Searchability, you can turn adequate into accurate, turn make-do into can-do, and you do it all with PolicyStat.

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