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“Shorten the Distance” Spearheads PolicyStat’s Vision

The World Cup, the world’s most widely watched sporting event, is upon us! Currently being hosted in South Africa, the World Cup is a highly anticipated event occurring every four years.

Led by all-star Landon Donovan, the American team has talent like never before, and has surpassed its high expectations with an impressive last minute win over Algeria. Unfortunately their heart-breaking lost to Ghana in the final sixteen has left the US squad with an empty feeling, believing that they could have exceeded the unimaginable by getting further then ever before. Over recent years the talent on the American team has closed the distance between them and the top teams in the world.

At PolicyStat, our goal is to shorten the distance between staff members and the information they are seeking. We like to consider ourselves as the American team of policy and procedure management by exceeding expectations.”Simple, Searchable, Reliable”, a phrase coined by PolicyStat, defines our solution. We purposely make our solution this way to avoid from having caregivers experience an empty feeling. A goal you don’t have to wait four years to celebrate! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at or call us at 317.644.1296.

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