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PolicyStat Aids Timmy Global Health’s Humanitarian Efforts

PolicyStat actively seeks to give back to the community through volunteer and philathropic efforts. As a healthcare software company, partnering with Timmy Global Health was the perfect fit. Both organizations worked together to provide a submission to the Indiana Service Challenge (video below), which will further help Timmy Global Health’s mission.

Timmy Global Health expands access to healthcare to tackle today’s most pressing global health challenges. Timmy sends medical service teams to support the work of international partners, and they channel financial, medical, and human resources to community based health and development projects. They work to empower students to fundraise, advocate, and serve in an effort to fight health disparities at home and abroad.

PolicyStat is very excited for future opportunities to serve this great organization and a great cause. The staff was fantastic and the PolicyStat team looks forward to their continued (and growing) success!

Video of the service in action!

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