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November 2009 Release Overview

We are thrilled to announce our November 2009 product release of PolicyStat. In keeping with our commitment to our clients, we are continuing to innovate and improve our product based upon direct client feedback and the requirements of the market. The beauty of delivering our product using the SaaS (Software as a Service) model is that we can be much more responsive than a traditional software company. When we improve our product through software changes, it becomes available to our clients instantly – all that is required is for the user to log in to the system.

This is different from a traditional software company where a customer is required to install and test each new release or change as it is made available on their own servers. In most cases, this requires getting the attention and assistance of the IT team, and queuing up behind all the other pending software releases they have to install. At PolicyStat, we do that work for our clients. It is simple and painless.

So, “What’s New and Cool?” in the November 2009 release?

  • Ability to backup Policies locally
  • More sophisticated Approval Flow editing
  • Revision Date in the policy header
  • “Email a friend” feature
  • Ability to merge departments
  • Policy approval “aging list”
  • Even more new and cool stuff!

Ability to Backup Policies Locally
Admins can now locally backup policies in PDF format! From the admin tab, site admins can go to “Download PDF Backup” to select a date range and download PDFs of the active policies that have been changed within that date range. Administrators can also download their policy archive, giving them the ability to see which version of a policy was active on a given day.

More Sophisticated Approval Flow Editing
Users can now add and remove approval steps through the approval flow editor.

Revision Date in the Policy Header
All previous revision dates can now be displayed in the policy header via an option in “Policy Layout.”

Email a Friend Feature
Users can click to email a secured link to a PDF version of a policy while viewing that policy.

Ability to Merge Departments
Administrators can now merge departments together (for example, to remove a department.)

Policy Approval Aging List
The pending policy list now shows how long a policy has been waiting for approval, with the policies that have been waiting the longest at the top of the stack

More Cool Stuff

  • The default expiration duration is now modifiable via the Policy Layout page.
  • The editor window has been adjusted to fit vertically within the screen and not require scrolling.
  • Improved policy printing speed
  • Added a report to list all active policies with their approval flows.
  • When viewing previous versions of a document, the list is now ordered chronologically, displays the status of each version and displays when that version was modified.
  • The expiring policies report now loads more quickly
  • Search by title now displays what sorting is being used.
  • When selecting departments with long names from select boxes, there is now a tooltip displayed to show the entire name.

The PolicyStat November Release will be generally available after November 15. If you have any questions, please contact the PolicyStat Client Services team at or call us at 317.644.1296 and press “2”.

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