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PDF Backup Spotlights November’s Software Release

My favorite new feature in the upcoming November release is definitely the PDF backup. With just a few clicks (and a little waiting) you can download an archive of all of your policies in their pristine, standardized format all in a meticulously-organized folder structure. We’ve always said that your data is your data, but this feature puts our money where our mouth is, so to speak.

You can start off by filtering which policies you’d like to download. For instance, you can choose to download only the Administration policies that have changed in the last 30 days, or you can get all policies changed since the year 1980. It’s your call.

You can then sit back and relax while PolicyStat goes out, grabs all of your policies and converts them to PDF. If you only have a couple dozen, this doesn’t take long (under a minute), but if you’re grabbing 1000 policies, expect to wait 10 minutes or more. It’s ok though, because you can just bookmark the link and come back later if you’d like.

After your archive is ready just click download. Bam! You’re now treated to all your policies in PDF format, organized by folder with the policy title as the file name.If you really want to make sure all of your data is around as part of your disaster recovery plan, you can even download all of the previous versions of your policies by checking the “Archive” box on the page shown above. You’ll then have all of those policies organized by the date they were active, so you can see exactly what policy was active on a given day.The folder on the left is a normal backup and the one on the right is an “archive” backup.If your internet ever goes down, PolicyStat has you covered.

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