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Workplace Violence: What Can Be Done?

When a disgruntled employee commits violence in the workplace, it garners a lot of attention in the media. Meanwhile, 91 percent of violence against healthcare employees in the workplace is committed by patients and visitors, and it doesn’t make the news. In this post, we discuss why workplace assault by patients and visitors is often overlooked and what can be done about it.

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Is Watson the Game Changer Healthcare Needs?

IBM’s supercomputer, Watson, broke into mainstream media in 2011 when it soundly beat two humans on Jeopardy! With that win under its belt, Watson went to medical school and studied medical data, learning to diagnose patients by scanning exam books and electronic health records. Since then, Watson has spent time with medical experts and completed its residency in 2013. As the supercomputer is now available for a variety of services, some healthcare executives predict Watson will be the next game changer in value-based care.

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