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Innovation Eliminates Upgrade Problems

Sustained Innovation via Continuous Delivery

Innovation is a marathon, not a sprint. Sustained innovation requires more than mission statements, which is why we have developed an innovation pipeline consisting of:

  • cloud computing
  • open source software
  • software-as-a-service delivery
  • an automated application “immune system”
  • geographically redundant, highly available architecture
  • cutting-edge tools (Python, Django, Backbone.js, Node.js, AWS, Chef, etc)
  • continuous delivery

This pipeline minimizes the latency between having an idea and putting it in our customers’ hands for actual feedback. Instead of wasting time planning and guessing what changes should belong in a weekly/monthly/annual “version” of software, PolicyStat is able to quickly deliver on experiments with sustained high quality. Our development team deploys enhancements to our customer base multiple times per day. This constant improvement along with detailed metrics enables data-driven prioritization.

With the freedom this provides, PolicyStat eliminates “upgrade headaches” with targeted updates. These small batches also lower the bar for disruptive ideas from everyone in the organization, increasing the number of brains and perspectives from which to innovate. Have a crazy idea for something to delight users? We can deploy it live to 10% of our users tomorrow and see how crazy it actually is.

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