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Patients Benefit Most from Policy Management Software

I recently co-authored an article with Raymond Urgo from Urgo Consulting called “Healthcare Industry Benefits from Policies and Procedures Software,” which was featured in the February 2012 issue of the award-winning newsletter The Policies and Procedures Authority.

The short article describes benefits of P&P management software such as control over style and templates; easy collaboration; automation; content sharing across health networks; reduced risk; and greater accountability among staff. To learn more about these benefits, click here and read the article.

Procedure Management Headquarters

To comment further, I would also stress that perhaps the biggest benefit of P&P management software is to the patient. We recently had a meeting here at PolicyStat to talk about our progress as a company in 2011. One of our greatest achievements was the number of people who are now using our product to look up and find policies, a number which has grown exponentially in the past year. This is reassuring from a customer satisfaction standpoint because it demonstrates the comfort level our customers have with our product. To me, that number is a testament to the great strides our industry is making to patient safety and quality of care. Staff members could not efficiently look up that number of policies before P&P technology; policy lookups that now take seconds with P&P technology had previously taken several minutes using a home grown/shared drive system that lacked robust search functionality – time that could have been spent providing care to the patient. Alternatively, without P&P technology the staff member might not even have consulted the policy at all due to time sensitivity, choosing to ask someone else who may or may not have the most accurate information. When staff members use P&P management software to its fullest, patients receive care based on the most accurate, up-to-date information.

The future is bright for the healthcare industry, and we look forward to providing more healthcare facilities with the best P&P management software available today.

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