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Mira Awards Look to Shape Indiana’s Future

Last weekend I attended TechPoint’s Mira Awards gala, which was held in downtown Indianapolis at the brand new JW Marriott Hotel. The Mira Awards honor Indiana companies that demonstrate excellence in technology and a commitment to Indiana. In the selection process, nominees are chosen from each of the 13 different categories based on an initial round of applications, then finalists move on to a second round where they present their company and answer questions in person. A winning company or individual is chosen from each category and is recognized at the black-tie event.

What continually amazes me about the Mira Awards is the large number of technology companies that are headquartered and staffed right here in Indiana. What tends to happen is companies having great success are acquired or go public, with the proceeds from that liquidity event going right back into the Indiana economy. The successful entrepreneurs may already be thinking about “what’s next” prior to a liquidity event or the entrepreneurs may be high school buddies with a great idea, which was one of the profiles from a 2011 Mira Award winner. This constant fueling of the Indiana economy is what makes the Mira Awards so great, and I look forward to seeing how these tech companies will shape Indiana’s future.

Read about the Mira Award won by PolicyStat.

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