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How to Keep Your ASC Up and Humming

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Staying viable in today’s healthcare delivery environment is a challenge for any organization, but Ambulatory Surgery Centers in particular face a unique obstacle: accreditation requirements with multiple mandates issued from multiple bodies and associations. 

Compliance alone, however, isn’t enough to assure long-term viability. That requires achieving consistently high patient and provider preference scores – perhaps even becoming the provider of choice in your market or region.

You already know that reaching best-in-class status for your ASC means delivering a consistently high level of care, despite regulatory changes, staff increases or reductions, or a fluctuating economy.

And you probably also know that delivering exceptional care across various departments and locations demands effective policy and procedure management.

But what you may not know is that preparing for and passing accreditation audits with flying colors can be less stressful and time-consuming than you ever imagined.

It’s all about access.

If information is power, then having access to that information is superpower.

You need to be able to focus your attention on what really matters. And every minute that gets wasted chasing approvals and sign-offs on policy and procedure documents is time not focused on delivering the kind of care that keeps everyone – from providers to patients – healthy.

Of all the policy and procedure software solutions out there to choose from, the question remains: Which one actually performs on the front lines of care delivery when decisions have to be made in real-time, not merely in the abstract world of a demo?

PolicyStat grants caregivers access to policies and procedures anytime, anywhere, and on any device using an intuitive, thoughtfully-designed user interface.

Why is that important?

In the fast-moving ASC care environment, you want your staff to have confidence in their decision-making and confidence in the documents on which their decisions are based.

PolicyStat makes locating information easy and efficient, which reduces hesitation and frustration while giving you more time to focus on patient care.

Maximum compliance, minimum audit stress.

Unlike most policy management setups, the PolicyStat solution allows document authors to collaborate with others in their organization.

PolicyStat’s cloud-based platform allows documents to be created and approved within an intuitive and transparent system that spreads out the tasks and approval checkpoints in a clear, appropriate, and logical sequence.

The availability of current, well-organized policy and procedure documents lets you replace lengthy approval committee meetings and uncertain task responsibilities with streamlined approval workflows.

And when it comes to ensuring that your staff is familiar with the policies and procedures applicable to them, you can utilize the PolicyStat system to specifically assign policies to individuals, departments, committees, or across your entire organization.

These tangible efficiencies provided by PolicyStat can help your organization stay compliant, giving you peace of mind when preparing for your next accreditation survey.

Learn the secret to compliance in just two minutes.

With PolicyStat, you get the benefit of not only our expertise, but also our experience working with a wide range of ASCs with various operational models and challenges.

We’ve helped them successfully transition from disorganized and error-prone policy management systems to our efficient, user-friendly solution.

Watch our demo to learn how you can make the transition too. You can also contact us to set up a live demo.

You’ll quickly see why we have a 99% client retention rate and a 99.8% customer support satisfaction score.


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