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Growth Spurred by 2013’s Aggressive Plan

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Toni Estep, CEO of Open Door Health Services and a PolicyStat customer, underscored the compliance value her organization realized from the PolicyStat offering in 2013 by stating:

“Our pending HRSA inspection made loading our policies and making the necessary changes a high priority. Having PolicyStat was a godsend! We passed our review with 100% compliance with the federal guidelines, and now we are finding that it is assisting us to stay on track.”

PolicyStat’s President, Steve Ehrlich, shared these reflections on 2013:

“We are extremely pleased with our 2013 results. We measure our success by the success our customers achieve, and our 99+% customer renewal rate was an important element behind our 78% revenue growth. We put together a very aggressive growth plan at the beginning of 2013, and I am delighted to report that not only did we achieve almost every one of our stated objectives, in many cases we greatly exceeded them. I am grateful to our loyal customers and our incredible employees – together they form an exceptional team.”

In addition to PolicyStat’s impressive customer retention and solid revenue growth, the company also added key employees in almost every functional area in support of the 213 new customer facilities added during the year. The changing IT needs of the healthcare market – support for all types of devices, all sizes and configurations of organizations, and a geographically distributed workforce – also meant that PolicyStat’s software development philosophy of continual enhancement paid big dividends for the company’s customers throughout 2013. Ehrlich went on to say:

“We are pleased with the broad adoption of our solution across the spectrum of healthcare facilities, from major health systems to laboratories and community health centers. The healthcare delivery model in the United States is changing, and the PolicyStat solution is uniquely positioned to address the healthcare market’s evolving needs. This is so both because of our feature-rich product offering and our exceptional customer service, and it is further underscored by the increasing number of new customers who formerly used a competitor’s product. Without question, the healthcare market has warmly embraced the clear advantages of our solution and the effective way that we address the needs of an enabled, compliant workforce.”

Full Story available here.

To learn more about us and see why PolicyStat becomes the answer for policy and procedure management, you can request to see a demo. Or, we’d be happy to answer your questions by contacting us.

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