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California-based Medical Center Selects iContracts Universal Contract Manager

Healthcare Providers Turning to Cloud-based Compliance Solutions

Bridgewater, NJ – September 12, 2017 – iContracts, a leading provider of cloud-based contract, compliance, and revenue management solutions today announced that a leading California-based Medical Center has selected iContracts’ contract management solution to effectively manage contracts, expand visibility, improve collaboration, reduce costs and optimize performance. The Medical Center will utilize Universal Contract Manager (UCM) to streamline all aspects of contract and compliance management within their organization.

The facility historically managed contracts through a combination of spreadsheets and manual processes. Using a paper-based system in which all contracts and associated documents are stored in an on-site location lacks the fundamental capabilities a hospital desperately needs such as a central repository, workflow management, integrated reporting, and the ability to track contract elements both within and across departments. With staff routinely requiring rapid access to contracts, the need to centralize documents and key contract data electronically became increasingly important.

iContracts’ contract management solution is a software service over the web, thus requiring no investment in facilities, hardware, software, or related costs. All aspects of the contract lifecycle, including contract creation, monitoring of key milestones and compliance, can be managed by Universal Contract Manager with minimal assistance from the IT department.

“Hospitals are operating more efficiently as a result of our truly unique, cloud-based contract and compliance management solutions,” commented Leigh Powell, Chief Executive Officer of iContracts. “We are honored that another leading healthcare provider recognizes the value Universal Contract Manager will add to their operations. We look forward to working closely with our new client and forging a long lasting relationship.”

About iContracts
iContracts’ goal is simple – to deliver better solutions for managing contracts that are faster, easier and less expensive to implement. This mantra is reflected in everything we do. Our software is generations ahead of other solutions, powered by a Simplified Common User Interface (SCUI) that makes every user an “expert” by learning just two simple, reusable views and backed by the most highly evolved data architecture in the industry – built by technologists with considerable and unique experience in building contract management solutions. This deep understanding and straightforward approach shows in everything we do. Our solutions are enterprise-class and can be quickly and easily integrated with any off-the-shelf or custom system to meet exacting business requirements without the army of consultants and endless fees associated with other products and providers. For more information, please visit

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