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Lab Document Control

The College of American Pathologists (CAP) cites document control as the #1 most recurring deficiency in
clinical labs today. Featured in the CAP document control course, PolicyStat is the best quality
management system for lab SOPs.

It can help you manage the most critical documents guiding your clinical lab operations and keep your
laboratory in line with pertinent CAP, CLIA, and ISO standards.

iContracts Document Control Solutions

No matter how big or small your laboratory is, iContracts can help your staff be more efficient and support all lean processes in your lab.

Document control in laboratories is all about keeping information accessible, accurate and current in a way that ensures consistency of processes, reduces errors and cycle times and lowers operating and compliance costs in your lab.

Given the critical role documents play in the operation of a laboratory, your lab needs a full life-cycle approach that supports effective document control – from the creation of a document to its safe archival in the system. Not only must your documents be kept current, but your staff must also be able to access current documents quickly and easily.

  • Streamlined process for committee reviews
  • Visualized flowcharts of approvals
  • Control of document creation and templates
  • Automatic notifications of new/revised documents
  • Advanced search capability
  • Record of user review
  • Administrator dashboard with upcoming reviews
  • Automatic versioning and archival
  • Regulatory alerts

iContracts offers quick implementation of its web-based procedure management software, as well as the data cleansing services necessary for labs that must adhere to the highest standards of quality. Our powerful, flexible, user-friendly system will help your lab improve its overall document control, eliminate wasted time associated with document control and access, and enhance your preparedness for your next inspection.

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