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Policy Management Rollout at Des Moines University

Sep 28, 20222:00pm EDT15 minutes

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Our next information-packed webinar will be led by Erika Linden, Chief Compliance Officer & Title IX Coordinator at Des Moines University.

Erika will discuss DMU’s journey to automating their policy management process with PolicyStat.

In this webinar, you will learn:
- How DMU transitioned from a manual process
- What led DMU to automate their processes
- Search for Policy Management Vendors
- Why PolicyStat
- Implementation Process
- Impact of PolicyStat at DMU

iContracts is by far, the fastest growing provider of high-value solutions to manage contracts and policies for colleges and universities. iContracts offers easy-to-use, true cloud-based solutions requiring no IT or infrastructure investment, and no army of consultants to implement.

This webinar should not be missed! Space is limited. Register today!



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