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Constraint-based time management solution for automating time and activity capture, tracking, and approval

No more manual processes.  No more paper. Complete, automated validation against terms and constraints.  contractHOURS allows you to submit and approve time from a mobile device, tablet or desktop computer.  This easy-to-use, time management solution automates timesheet submission and validates activities reported against contract commitments.

contractHOURS ensures contractual commitments and compliance requirements are satisfied.  Actively monitor and compare activities governed by contracts and other agreements against internal or external submissions to ensure reported time does not violate established constraints – all in real time.


Fully automate validation of time and activity capture.

100% Digital Solution

Eliminate manual processes and paper.  Submit and approve time from a mobile device, tablet or desktop computer. 

Configurable Workflow

Create workflow processes that meet your business needs

Audit Trail

Full audit trail and reporting to satisfy business and audit requirements.


Enter time on a mobile device or tablet. 

Real time validation and automation of entries based on defined rules and constraints. 

Once validated, payment is approved and submitter is notified.

Universal Contract Manager Integration

Actively monitor and compare time and activities spent against contract terms by integrating contractHOURS with iContracts’ contract management solution, Universal Contract Manager.  

  • Eliminate paper timesheets and Excel spreadsheets
  • Easy to use.  Easy to train.
  • Shorten review cycle by preventing erroneous time submission
  • Automate time management and approval processes
  • Actively monitor and compare activities against contract terms in real time
  • Entry-period deadline reminders
  • Configurable workflow approval process unique to your business needs
  • Improves organizational efficiency and productivity
  • Reduces risk with the ability to view reports and provide audit tracking instantly
  • Streamlined implementation process
  • Secure, Web-Based access via browser and mobile device
  • Rule-based time entry
  • Configurable workflow with notification capabilities
  • Automated deadline reminders
  • User dashboard for easy organization
  • Reporting capabilities
  • Full audit trail to review time submission, approval and rejections
  • Integration with Universal Contract Manager
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