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Skilled Nursing Facilities

Highly reliable care just got more attainable.

Reduce Risk and Ensure Compliance

Providing Your Residents with the Highest Quality Standard of Care Is Job One. Reducing Your Stress Is an Added Benefit.

As a leader of Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNFs), you know that providing continuous coordinated care across multiple sites and facilities can be challenging. PolicyStat provides your staff with access to the most updated policies and procedures, which leads to more consistent and reliable care. Now your staff and facility will be more prepared than ever for your next survey. Our software gives you the ability to quickly and easily find and filter documents, so you can stop worrying about your next survey, and start managing compliance.

Increase Confidence and Improve Performance with Caregiver Acknowledgments.

Clinical performance at your SNF is more important than ever. Making policies and procedures easy to access is one thing, but knowing that they’ve been read and understood makes a difference when it comes to providing exceptional care. Our Acknowledgements feature gives you the confidence of knowing each caregiver has read and understood a specific document. Automated reminders are sent out, making it easier to follow up with staff who may need a nudge. Bottom line, PolicyStat helps keep your staff informed, and that’s a win for residents and the facility’s performance.

Worried About IT Support? Don’t Be

Save a Call to IT, Because PolicyStat Requires Zero Maintenance or Setup.

PolicyStat is a software-as-a-service policy management solution. This means IT or IS managers will save time and money required to build and maintain an on-premise application such as Microsoft Sharepoint or a shared drive setup. PolicyStat’s software engineering team releases weekly updates to improve usability and implement new features based on customer feedback. With a link to your PolicyStat document library as a desktop icon or Intranet link, staff members can access your web-based system with a secure login.

Our Web-Based Platform Gives You Access to Policies from Any Internet-Connected Device.

As a true software-as-a-service offering, PolicyStat requires no additional hardware or software downloads, and is accessible via the Web using a desktop, laptop, smartphone or any other Web-enabled device. Documents are formatted to adapt to various screen sizes by the PolicyStat team, so you can easily search and edit within the PolicyStat system.

Your Policies Are Available When You Need Them Most.

IT and IS managers can feel good about choosing PolicyStat. With multiple redundant servers across geographically-separated data centers, your facility’s documents will always be available and secure. If your facility’s Internet is down, you can access PolicyStat on your smartphone. If both are down, we offer two different backup options to restore access.

Nurses Can Focus on Care Continuity

Stop Wasting Time Trying to Remember When Policies Need Updating.

For nurses, time is a valuable asset. An extra moment with a resident in need can have a lasting impact. PolicyStat helps you stay focused on delivering exceptional care with automated workflows that make policy management easier. No more sitting in multiple meetings discussing policies and procedures. With PolicyStat, manual tasks are completely automated. Approval routing, expiration date notifications, and more give you the visibility and control to make the most of your time.

Manage Multiple Functional Areas with Ease.

Are you in charge of policies for multiple departments or service lines? Don’t worry. PolicyStat’s SNF policy management software is designed to accommodate you, so managing users and documents across multiple departments or facilities is seamless.

Administration-Friendly Integration and Implementation

With Our Seamless Integration, There’s No Need to Update Your Existing Systems.

PolicyStat will help to bring your SNF up-to-date, and the platform can integrate with other organizations within your network. Our policy management software for SNFs works seamlessly alongside EMR and other existing systems, and its Google-like searching is so easy to use that staff won’t feel the stress of learning a new system.

Quick Implementation to Reach Goals.

We know you have a long list of IT priorities. PolicyStat’s smooth, user-friendly implementation services will have you up and running quickly, so you can immediately begin reaching your goals. By partnering with PolicyStat, you can minimize unnecessary operational costs, increase productivity, promote exceptional care, mitigate risks and errors, improve outcomes, and integrate and coordinate care system-wide.

Interested in seeing more? We’d be happy to provide a demo.

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