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Revenue Management Commercial Solutions Instructional Course

If you are new to the iContracts Revenue Management Commercial modules, you want to learn more about recent enhancements to iContracts, or you feel a full refresher will step up your user game, this Instructional Course is perfect for you. If you plan on attending Breakthrough, you will walk into Day One of the conference with an expanded knowledge base of how to use iContracts’ Commercial Solutions and have a better understanding of how the Revenue Management modules interact with each other.

Topics Covered
  • Contract core
    • Add, change, delete Customer
    • Add, change, delete Product
    • Add, change, delete Contract
    • Add, change, delete COT
    • Add, change, delete GL Code
    • Briefly go over interfaces and interface history
  • Chargeback Payer
    • Manually adding and uploading a Wholesalers Debit Memo
    • Viewing/Changing a Debit Memo
    • Analyzing and Repairing Chargeback Line Warnings and Errors
    • Reconciling the Debit Memo
    • The overall flow of EDI844, Accounts Receivable, Credit Memo, EDI849
  • Rebate Payer
    • Add, change, delete rebate and go over the different rebate types
    • Learn how to identify correct rebate owners, payees, and mode of purchase
    • Processing a rebate which includes identifying why certain sales were pulled into the rebate calculation
    • Understanding how to load adjustments to rebates
    • Getting expected results from payment files (Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable)
  • Reporting/Analytics
    • Creating, modifying and deleting reports
    • Saving Sales and Admin Fee reports for frequent use
    • Scheduling reports to run and email automatically to user list
  • Gross to Net Historical
    • Review the GTN Settings and Methodologies
    • Calculating an Accrual Period
    • Review of Estimated Point of Sale Accrual
    • Loading Accrual Adjustments
    • Tracking Products with No History
    • GTN Reporting
  • Gross to New Channel Inventory
    • Upload Month on Hand Inventory 
    • Recap GTN Settings and Methodologies
    • Calculate and Accrual Period
    • GTN Reporting
What's Included?
  • Instructor-led course
  • A network of other iContracts Users
  • Lunch and refreshments

If you are interested in participating in the Commercial Solutions Training Course, please select the 3-Day Conference Pass when you register.

This course is only available for User Conference attendees.  

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