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PolicyStat FAQ

PolicyStat is priced primarily on the number of full-time-equivalent employees (FTEs) at an organization and secondarily on the number of documents you have. We use these variables because we provide complete support without further costs, and the PolicyStat implementation team actually imports/converts your documents into the system for you at no additional charge. This makes implementations faster and smoother, allowing organizations to benefit from the system sooner.

To best meet your policy management needs, you’ll need more than just software, and with iContracts you get a support and implementation team committed to your project’s success. When comparing apples-to-apples of PolicyStat to other options, we are consistently one of the most competitively-priced offerings. If you want a proposal or quote for your facility, please contact us and we’d be happy to help.

No. There are no upfront/setup fees, and no separate implementation, training and/or maintenance fees. iContracts provides a simple, straightforward, flat monthly fee that is all-inclusive for the PolicyStat solution. As mentioned above, we import/convert your documents for you at no additional charge. Because we are a Software-as-a-Service offering, there is no hardware or software procurement required. Product enhancements and ongoing customer support are also included in the flat monthly fee. Active Directory integration or other one-off projects, if necessary, will be scoped and priced accordingly.

PolicyStat is much more than an open document repository. We have built-in workflow capabilities and automatic notifications, so you are informed when a document needs to be approved, reviewed and/or acknowledged. PolicyStat also has advanced user management functions, author collaboration and reporting on items you care about. PolicyStat’s architecture uniquely supports all types of organizations, providing easier access to your documents, elimination of redundancy and standardization of care across facilities.

SharePoint is simply a development tool, and consequently is not a ready-made solution. Using SharePoint to develop your policy and procedure management system means your IT team will be spending a lot of time upfront tediously creating functionality, then providing ongoing maintenance, support and additional product enhancement requests that inevitably prove very time consuming. PolicyStat is built from the ground up with a focus on policies and procedures. Whether it’s approval workflows, reporting, intelligent search, built-in collaboration, staff acknowledgement or auditing, we target exactly what you need.

To see PolicyStat in action and to see if this may be a good fit for your organization, fill out a demo request and we’ll provide a 30 minute no-obligation demonstartion.

Yes, your data is secure with iContracts. We use the same 256-bit SSL technology used by most banks and other financial institutions. Our PolicyStat solution has redundant secure servers in multiple locations and backs up your information every hour. None of your data is shared or put into an open document repository. You own the data, we keep it secure.

We seamlessly add product enhancements regularly, based on customer feedback and industry trends. There is nothing you or your IT department needs to download or maintain.

Yes, we are a pure Software-as-a-Service offering and have developed our solution to help maximize the simple access. iPads, iPhones, smartphones, notebook computers, and more can all be used to access our solution. Because we are a Software-as-a-Service offering, there is no hardware or software (or plugins) that need to be bought and managed. We do everything for you, so you can focus on your job.

Most customers simply put an icon on their desktop computers or a link on their intranet that points directly to your secure document library within PolicyStat. Staff will have very quick access to policies and procedures accompanied by a powerful search to help them find documents quickly.

Yes, we have 24x7x365 customer support available for site administrators at each client site. Support is delivered via email, web and phone.

No, but it’s a good thing! Older products which have been retrofitted for web access will typically use static document formats such as Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF. PolicyStat’s next generation approach utilizes secure, web-based content and automatically manages versions without the hassle of checking documents in and out – this simplifies the user experience while eliminating the need for browser based plug-ins for products like Microsoft Word. What does this mean for your staff? Accessing policies is more like accessing information on a website – it’s fast and easy with no complex file folder structures to peruse. What does it mean for authors? Editing is as simple as clicking “edit” and making changes – no need to download the document to your desktop then rename the file and email to someone else for changes. With other setups, you may have to even keep up with all the plug-ins for your browser. However, in PolicyStat, collaboration is all inside your easy-to-use editing window without any plug-ins needed.

End users do not normally require training for searching and viewing policies. Users that will create, edit and approve policies can usually be trained with one or two sessions that typically last one hour.

Yes, all of our customers sign a services agreement contract.

Yes. Many of our customers have asked us to integrate into Active Directory. If there are other user databases used in your facility, we are happy to explore how we can help.

We have an online collaborative community where customers can request specific examples from other customers, thus sharing content already scrutinized for quality. We have looked into providing generic content, but our research and customers advised against it for good reason. Generic documents require a significant amount of alterations to fit a specific facility’s requirements, thus outweighing its benefit. Customers maintain the exclusive ownership of their documents, and we simply facilitate a marketplace of voluntary sharing of documents and best practices.

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