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PolicyManager Boot Camp

The PolicyMedical Boot Camp is designed to prepare PolicyManager System Administrators for managing and overseeing the system for your organization.

Attendees will receive step-by-step instruction and best practices on all System Administrator tasks related from site management to document management. 

The class fully equips current System Administrators and new Admins to setup and deploy their PolicyManager site and support the ongoing needs of site users. In addition, attendees will also benefit from updated course materials, tips, tricks and resource sharing, and of course, networking with other System Admins from around the country. 

Spend a day with our instructors and receive hands-on training to learn all you need to know to be a successful PolicyManager lead for your organization.

Core Competency Topics

Subjects Covered in great detail:

  • Getting Started: Best tools
  • Capturing compliance using attestation
  • Setting up profiles effectively
  • Document review and approval best practices
  • Analytics in PM
  • Optimizing the use of attachments and document cross-walking
  • Creating new documents
  • Best use of automated notifications
  • Personalizing your PolicyManager
  • Retiring x Archiving
  • Helpful tips and tricks for PolicyManager
What's Included?
  • Instructor-led course
  • A network of other PolicyManager Administrators
  • Lunch and refreshments

If you are interested in participating in the PolicyManager Boot Camp, please select the 3-Day Conference Pass when you register.

This course is only available for User Conference attendees. 

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