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Medical Laboratory Software

PolicyStat’s medical laboratory management software allows you to easily organize and control your
documents, including all of your standard operating procedures (SOPs).
Getting started is easy! Our implementation team imports and and cleanses your documents for you, so
you can start seeing the benefits right away.



Take the stress out of surveys.

The College of American Pathologists (CAP) cites document control as the #1 deficiency facing medical labs today. Does your lab need help keeping its documents accessible, accurate and current? PolicyStat can help in the following ways:

Facilitate communication of SOPs to staff
Ensure consistency of processes
Reduce errors and cycle times
Lower operating and compliance costs

CAP places a high value on a strict, full lifecycle approach to document control during lab inspections, from creation to archival. PolicyStat helps you meet these lab document control standards with our comprehensive, web-based solution.

ISO 15189

Ensure your lab meets ISO 15189 requirements for quality.

Managing documents and records in today’s quality-focused laboratory is a huge task, but PolicyStat can help. Our web-based medical laboratory software helps improve processes, cut turnaround time and meet overall quality standards necessary for ISO 15189 certification.

Automated approval routing streamlines processes
Controlled templates promote consistency of SOPs
Automatic versioning and archiving safeguards against data loss

See a free, no-obligation demo of how PolicyStat can help your lab fulfill ISO 15189 standards as well as meet CAP and CLIA guidelines.


Lean Processes

Control your SOPs the lean way.

PolicyStat’s web-based document control solution reduces time spent on previously manual tasks, advancing your laboratory’s commitment to lean processes.

Eliminate wasteful practices
Foster continuous improvement
Reduce turnaround time (TAT)

Eliminating waste: Significantly reduce wasted time by staff trying to locate current documentation by giving them comprehensive search capabilities with instant results.

Fostering continuous improvement: Discover and refine your document control processes, eliminating those painfully inefficient manual tasks along the way.

Reducing turnaround time (TAT): Lessen the time it takes to go through document reviews and approvals in your laboratory, letting automation manage and record those previously manual processes.

See a demo of how PolicyStat supports lean laboratory process management and fulfills information and quality requirements for labs.

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