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Lean Software for Labs

PolicyStat’s document control lean software for labs helps eliminate wasteful practices, foster continuous
improvement and reduce turnaround time (TAT) in your lean laboratory. Our web-based laboratory
information management system (LIMS) also fulfills requirements of standards bodies such as CAP, CLIA
and ISO.

PolicyStat’s document control software

No matter how big or small your laboratory is, PolicyStat can help your staff be more efficient and support all lean processes in your lab.


  • Streamlined process for committee reviews
  • Visualized flowcharts of approvals
  • Control of document creation and templates
  • Automatic notifications of new/revised documents
  • Advanced search capability
  • Record of user review
  • Administrator dashboard with upcoming reviews
  • Automatic versioning and archival

PolicyStat offers quick implementation of its web-based document control software so your laboratory can be off to a lean start in as little as a month.

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