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Public Safety

Access up-to-date critical documents 24/7/365.

Ensure Compliance and Workforce Knowledge

Know When It’s Time to Update, and Streamline Your Approval Process.

As a public safety administrator, you know that keeping up with regulations can be challenging to say the least. iContracts provides you and your staff with leading contract and policy management solutions, which lead to better compliance. You will be more prepared than ever for your next audit. Our software gives you the ability to quickly and easily find and filter documents, so you can stop worrying about your next audit, and start managing compliance.

Increase Confidence and Improve Performance with Employee Acknowledgments.

Making policies and procedures easy to access is one thing, but knowing that they’ve been read and understood makes all the difference when it comes to ensuring compliance. PolicyStat’s acknowledgements feature gives you the confidence that everyone is playing from the same, up-to-date rule book. Automated reminders are sent out, making it easier to follow up with anyone who may still need a nudge. Bottom line, our solutions help keep your staff informed and your organization compliant.


No Maintenance or Setup Required

iContracts solutions are a software-as-a-service, meaning IT or IS managers will save the time and money required to build and maintain an on-premise application such as Microsoft Sharepoint. iContracts’ software engineering team releases updates frequently to improve usability and implement new features based on customer feedback. 


True software-as-a-service offerings, iContracts requires no hardware or software and is accessible via the Web using a desktop, laptop, smartphone or any other web-capable device. 

99% Uptime Availability

IT and IS managers can feel good about choosing iContracts – with multiple redundant servers across geographically separated datacenters, your organization’s data will always be available. 

More Time for What Matters Most

Save Time and Resources.

iContracts makes it easier for you to stay focused on what matters most by freeing up your time through our automated workflows, approval routing and expiration date notifications. You can rest assured that you will know when your contracts or policies needs your attention.

Get Immediate Gratification With Quick Implementation.

iContracts smooth, user-friendly implementation services will have you up and running quickly, so you can immediately benefit from new efficiencies. By partnering with iContracts, you can minimize unnecessary operational costs, increase productivity, and mitigate errors.

Interested in seeing more? We’d be happy to provide a demo.

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