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All policies and procedures in one place, easily accessible to all, and always kept current. It sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? The PolicyStat implementation team, along with our user-friendly policy management software, turns that dream into a reality for you.

“They (the PolicyStat implementation team) were very easy to work with and gave us the comfort level that they could have our solution up and running in a short period of time.”– Rick Albaugh, IT Manager, Southwest Regional Rehabilitation Center

Capture & Cleanse

After the initial consultation and planning is complete, the PolicyStat implementation team kicks into gear, capturing and cleansing your documents so they are ready to “go live”. Simply upload your files, and our team will format and double-check them for accuracy. As our team individually goes through every single policy, they set metadata such as author, expiration period and approval workflow so that the automation works as soon as the policies “go live.”

While the Implementation phase is taking place, your authors, policy owners and approvers go through user training so they are prepared when the policies are ready to “go live.” These training services are designed to maximize the business value your organization realizes from our overall solution.

Send documents in Word,PDF or any other format
We can capture most document types

We’re here to help! iContracts’ PolicyStat solution paired with our unrivaled services, make it easy for you to author new policies and eliminate redundancy and obsolescence in your policy library. You will be able to update your policies as your operation evolves and track critical information like policy expirations, owners and approvals for effective reporting. Contact us today for a demo and find out how PolicyStat’s implementation team can help make your switch quick, seamless and with minimal effort on your part.

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