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Make your training and experience count - Get Certified!

iContracts is offering a Universal Contract Manager certification course designed to increase your team’s proficiency in the Universal Application Platform. For administrators, getting certified will enable you to contribute more to your organization’s success.

These in-depth, hands-on courses will provide you with ideas and solutions for the challenges you face every day.

Core Competency Topics

Subjects Covered in great detail:

  1. User Types and Permissions
  2. Security Setup
  3. Workflow – Soup to Nuts
  4. Contract Type Setup and Defaults
  5. Understanding Reporting
  6. Templates and Library Setup
  7. Contract Actions Bulk Loader and for changes en masse
    a. Contract Updates
    b. Field Group Changes
    c. Adding Documents via the Bulk Loader
What to Expect
  • 13 weeks, beginning on February 7, 2018 of hour- to hour-and a half ‘classroom sessions’ via our GoToTraining account, for which you will be sent login registration links.
  • We will be constructing a UCM system in this class.
  • Each week there will be a light assignment that will reinforce the topic for the week.
  • Each week there will be open ‘office hours’ to review and ask questions.
  • Written documentation for each topic every week pertaining to the subject at hand.
  • Supporting documents that may help you in your journey.
  • User Conference attendees will receive an optional Q&A session prior to the exam being released.
  • One web-based practical exam.
  • A Network of other Certified UCM Administrators
  • UCM Administrator Certificate
  • Basic understanding of UCM and its’ Administrative operation
  • Comfortable working independently
  • Ability to learn/train from a remote environment
Additional Benefits
  • Compare and contrast various topics covering a wide range of complex management tasks
  • Gain and share ideas for managing contracts
  • Apply class concepts in a hands-on environment
  • Share your experiences with other UCM Administrators
  • Distinguish yourself as a certified UCM Administrator
Course Schedule

13-week course will begin February 7, 2018.

1-1.5 hour live sessions will be held weekly.

A review session and exam will be held on May 8, 2018 at the Marriott Courtyard Downtown Philadelphia.

Week #DateTimeTopic
1Feb 71:00 ESTUser Types and Permissions
2Feb 141:00 ESTSecurity Setup/Role Models
3Feb 211:00 ESTWorkflow I
4Feb 281:00 ESTWorkflow II
5March 71:00 ESTContract Type Setup/Automatic Notifications
6March 141:00 ESTReview Week for First Half
7March 211:00 ESTBREAK – WEEK OFF
8March 281:00 ESTReporting and Views
9April 41:00 ESTUCM Templates
10April 111:00 ESTUCM Library Functionality
11April 181:00 ESTBulk Loader I – Mass Changes – Data
12April 251:00 ESTBulk Loader II – Document Uploads en masse
13May 21:00 ESTReview Week – Exam Prep
UC2018May 89:00 amLive Review Session (Philadelphia, PA)
TESTMay 81:30 ESTTest

Registration Closed

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