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Why Are More Pharma Manufacturers Selecting iContracts?

We’ve received this recent testimonial that provides tremendous insight into why iContracts has become the fastest growing, cloud-based provider of Revenue Management and Government Compliance solutions in the industry today:

“Our selection of iContracts as our Government Pricing/Medicaid Rebate Payer was based on multiple factors. First, the implementation timeline was much shorter than other providers and this was very important to us. Second, navigating the software was more intuitive and user-friendly than other software I had used in the past and comparable to next generation versions of more expensive offerings. Third, since go-live, we have had terrific support and service. As a matter of fact, yesterday we inquired about a class of trade report to identify customers that changed their COT. Low and behold, it was developed and delivered to us today. An excellent tool for audits. Fourth, since implementation, we have done 3 acquisitions that added 5 new labeler codes to our product portfolio. Adding them is very straightforward and painless. Lastly, the all important cost factor. We just could not afford spending hundreds of thousands of dollars(maybe in excess of a million) for this solution. The iContracts product is very cost-effective, even as we have added additional modules (Part D) and grown as a company.  Overall, we are very pleased with this product. It does what we need without much “geek-speak” required to operate without breaking the bank.”

Director, Government Reporting & Compliance
WEST-WARD Pharmaceuticals


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